AVN Media NetworkÂ’s "Be Kind" Policy


We here at AVN are totally behind your right to speak out and voice your opinions. We are also very thankful that you have chosen our sites and blogs to do so. We do just have one simple request: please be kind.


This means no hatred and no spam. We will not alter or censor your comments. If they do not meet our "Be Kind" policy we will not approve them.


Thank you.


So how do we define hatred and spam? It is language that:


  • • Is abusive in any way.
  • • Is off-topic or deemed inappropriate.
  • • Is a personal attack.
  • • Promotes hatred of any kind.
  • • Uses excessively foul language.
  • • Is blatantly spam or intended to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages.


All comments will be posted within 24 hours or less if compliant with our "Be Kind" policy.