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Profile: Serenity

Webster defines serenity as "a state that is calm, quiet, peaceful and placid." This Serenity, however, has an entirely different connotation!...

Article: Serenity Is Crazed Down Under

Published: December 27, 1999

Article: HoloFilm Productions Gives an All-Star Shoot

Published: February 18, 2016

HoloFilm Productions, the virtual reality studio that debuted last year, is bolstering its library of erotic content for the new site...

Article: Amnesty Intl. Supports Legal Prostitution. Cue the Outrage.

Published: August 11, 2015

Earlier today, 500 delegates to Amnesty International's International Council Meeting voted to support the decriminalization of prostitution and...

Article: to Debut 'Killer Kleavage from Outer Space'

Published: February 10, 2015

Adult superstar Joanna Angel announces the online release of the first scene from her new XXX feature, Killer Kleavage from Outer Space , to...

Article: Taschen to Release 'My Buddy,' a WWII Book Like No Other

Published: June 06, 2014

Taschen Books is set to honor our fighting soldiers with a book that deals with a side of that bygone era's military that's never gotten its due:...

Article: Big Is Beautiful (and Profitable) for the Adult Marketplace

Published: December 01, 2009

The adult industry, along with the world of fashion, has long been criticized for promoting a physical aesthetic that is not only unrealistic...

Article: Anti-Porn Activist Andrea Dworkin Dies

Published: April 11, 2005

Found 11 items.