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Profile: Ayano Shirai

Profile: Ayano

Profile: Ayano Murasaki

Profile: Ayano Yamazaki

Movies: Hidden Camera Hotel Scam 2


As technology continues to advance, The Japanese are getting even sneakier with the hidden cameras they invent and the undercover footage they capture. Hotels all around the metropolitan area are "wired," and we are fortunate to get a peek inside to catch some of the freaky raw moments that take place behind closed doors at Tokyo Love Hotels. Ayano Inoue is into Enjo Kosai, or dating older men for money. She is with a man in a hotel who is the same age as her father. Ayano is cute as a button and still in her school dress after a long day. She knows that she can charge old men more money with her school dress on, so she uses it for all its worth. She strokes his cock while calling him daddy. The cameras catch him groping her tits and rubbing her small, hand sized titties. Her thick dark black pubic hair glistens, as he pulls off her bright white panties and buries his tongue between the crease. She sucks his wang like a piece of candy and rides it like a merry-go-round. The older man sticks it to her good and eventually blows his wad all over her flat stomach. He grabs a bunch of tissue and politely mops it all up for her.

Others, Arisa, Hina Ohtsuka, Chinone
Production Company:
Third World Media
Release Date:
November 08, 2010
Found 5 items.