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Movies: Hot Bods


Is it HOT enough for ya? What's that? You like it HOT? Well so do we! Here at COLT Studio Group we like all things HOT. We like FIERY HOT intensity... BLAZING HOT action... and of course, smokin' HOT BODS!

The COLT Men of HOT BODS are well-oiled and finely-tuned sex machines, firing on all cylinders and blowing off some serious steam. Feel the HEAT! The action sizzles as HOT BODS are on display. Help yourself to an eyeful.

Carlo Masi, Adam Champ, Mitch Branson, Arthur Gordon, Nate Karlton, Berke Banks, Danny Drake
Production Company:
Colt Studio Group
John Rutherford
Release Date:
December 08, 2009

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Found 5 items.