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Profile: Brandy Alexandre

I was born in Huntington Beach, California July 17, 1964, and I am the youngest of three girls. I was raised Mormon, but presently don't cling...

Article: John Stagliano's Dance Fire Comes to DVD

Published: February 13, 2008

Evil Angel's very first release Dance Fire arrives on DVD for the first time this week.

Article: Evil Angel Offers Two Buttman Classics on DVD

Published: April 06, 2005

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Published: October 28, 1999

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Published: September 15, 1999


Published: August 23, 1999

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Published: March 30, 1999

Movies: Shadow Dancers 1 & 2


John Stagliano, the man credited with launching porn’s gonzo revolution with the seminal Adventures of Buttman, displayed his filmmaking range and proved once and for all that story driven features can pack the erotic intensity and sexual excitement often missing from big budget adult movies.

Stagliano’s liner notes reveal the inspiration: “In the shadows of your mind, a distant memory of sexual awakening refuses to die. Perhaps it was the first strip club you ever walked into. The erotic tension was so thick you could hardly breathe. In Shadow Dancers, I turn my most intense erotic memories, born in the dark corners of strip clubs, into visual reality. This is the story of a man’s search for that ultimate long lost turn on. This was Evil Angel at the start, finding its way.”

[Double Disc]

From AVN’s AAAA review (highest rating in 1990): “Shadow Dancers I & II is Stagliano's epic statement of the dance, the tease, and female body worship. Sex doesn’t just roll off a bed in these two features, it’s monumentally orchestrated. This may well go down as an adult classic.”

Joey Silvera, Steve Vegas, Marc Wallice, Nina Hartley, Gregor Samsa, Jon Dough, Adam Carr, Sean Michaels, Lauren Brice, Brandy Alexandre, Randy Spears, John Stagliano, Tianna (III), Suzie Vegas, Kiki (VI), Krisstarah Knight
Production Company:
Evil Angel
John Stagliano
Release Date:
March 10, 2010

Movies: Dance Fire


Yes! it's an '80s Movie!!! Big hair and big tits, and me dancing!...? And I've got a mullet. It's a shot-on-video feature, without a film look. But if you can get past the dated technology and fashion, and especially if you close your eyes when I start dancing, this movie may have something to offer. It was my effort to create the best movie I could as the premiere release of my own manufacturing company, Evil Angel.(Dance Fire was released 8 months before I came up with the Buttman idea.)

Gene Ross in his AVN review wrote at the time:

"Stagliano creates a feature of such visual sensitivity and depth. (His) effort far surpasses the expectations of the adult video market."

But watch this for the hot '80s porn girls here like voluptuous Trinity Loren, the sultry Nina De Ponca, and the exceptional Kathleen Jentry. And there's Jack Baker; singing and dancing too, it's O.K. to watch him.

John Stagliano

Nina DePonca, Rick Daniels, Kathleen Jentry, Giovanni Menendez, Champagne, Stephanie Rage, Rod Garetto, Brandy Alexandre, Trinity Loren, John Stagliano, Jack Baker
Production Company:
Evil Angel
John Stagliano
Release Date:
February 15, 2008
Found 12 items.