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Movies: Radley Metzger's Score


Having explored heterosexual obsessions in the critically acclaimed Camille 2000 and The Lickerish Quartet, erotic cult director Radley Metzger goes all the way in Score, a tale of a happily married swinging couple (Claire Wilbur and Gerald Grant) who make a bet that they can seduce a couple of naive young newlyweds (Lynn Lowry and Cal Culver) during a weekend get-together at their luxury Riviera villa. An erotic classic, populated with strikingly beautiful people who are into free love, "dressing up" and the fine art of seduction. Now for the first time presented, the uncut, uncensored version.

Casey Donovan, Claire Wilbur, Lynn Lowry, Gerald Grant
Production Company:
Cult Epics
Radley Metzger
Release Date:
October 26, 2010

Article: Classic ’70s 'Bisexual Chic' Drama Released on DVD, Blu-Ray

Published: October 01, 2010

Way before the term “metrosexual” hit the culture, there were the days when bisexuality was chic. This month, contemporary audiences can relive...

Article: Was Superman Gay?

Published: July 23, 2010

A new book asserts actor Christopher Reeve had a lengthy sexual liaison with a gay porn star.

Found 3 items.