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Article: Lewis Adams Reps The Candy Shop

Published: March 30, 2009

Red Light District owner David Joseph has acquired full ownership of The Candy Shop, the ethnic studio founded three years ago as a sister label...

Article: Candy Shop Presents Momma's Got a 'G' Thang

Published: August 14, 2007

Red Light District's ethnic label Candy Shop has released Momma's Got A 'G' Thang , starring former company publicist De'Bella.

Article: Red Light District Launches The Candy Shop

Published: June 02, 2006

Movies: Black Diamonds (The Candy Shop)


Coming Soon...
Production Company:
The Candy Shop
Release Date:
December 31, 1969

Movies: Interracial Candy Shop 50 Pc Mix


Production Company:
Release Date:
March 06, 2009

Photos: Adult Candy Shop

Published: May 01, 2007

Companies:CANDY SHOP

Companies:The Candy Shop

Article: Adult Candy Shoppe Launches New Website

Published: March 04, 2008

Administrative Vice President Robert Wiessen told AVN Novelty Business the company is completely revamping the features that will be offered to...

Sex Toys: Naughty Candies

Production Company:
Publish Date:
August 01, 2004

Article: Shakespearean Sex Shop Causing Stir in Poet's Hometown

Published: June 02, 2009

It’s boil, boil, toil and trouble in Stratford-upon-Avon, hometown to William Shakespeare, after a sex shop received the green light to open for...

Article: Cleo's Candy Lingerie Featured in ‘Redbook’

Published: February 05, 2009

Sales of Cleo's Candy Bra and G-string reportedly soared following a mention in the glossy women's magazine.

Article: Private Media Signs Deal with Moiré Candy

Published: December 27, 2006

Movies: Latin Eye Candy 5


Stock a copy of this one if Latin videos do well in your shop.

Larissa, Patricia (I), Tayza, Tamara (I), Barbi, Crystal (I), Mona Lisa (II)
Production Company:
Silverstone Entertainment
Tom Stone
Release Date:
March 01, 2004

Profile: Candy Cotton

Are you curious as to what this little slut is made of? I am a home grown Seattleite and managed to find countless erotic ways to keep me hot on...

Sex Toys: Weekend Affaire Kit

Production Company:
Doc Johnson
Publish Date:
March 07, 2016

Company News: Jodi Taylor Stars in New ‘Doctor Who’ Parody

Published: September 08, 2014

Jodi Taylor was pleased when she was asked to join the cast of the Doctor Who Doctor Whore —and in her favorite role in the classic TV show.

Article: SugarDVD Launches Stream-to-TV Boxee App

Published: September 28, 2011

The app displays movies in a grid view, allowing users to sort by genres including Couples, MILF and Amateur. Over a hundred movies were added...

Displaying 1 - 20 of 140