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Article: Stoney Curtis Begins Development on Mainstream TV Series

Published: January 19, 2016

Veteran adult producer and director Stoney Curtis and his company Lethal Hardcore Productions have set up their first scripted television series...

Article: Stoney Curtis Talks Career Full of Lethal Hardcore

Published: January 11, 2016

Stoney Curtis considers his longevity in porn to be a combination of adaptability, survival instincts and shrewd business decisions.

Article: Director Stoney Curtis Invites Fans to Attend Live Feature Shoot

Published: March 02, 2015

"It’s a futuristic project—it takes place in the year 2112—and it’s like 'The Hunger Games' meets 'The Matrix.' It requires an audience due to...

Article: Lethal Hardcore's Stoney Curtis Interviewed on Fox One Sports

Published: January 21, 2015

Stoney Curtis, owner and founder of Lethal Hardcore Video, will be interviewed by a diverse pair for Fox One Sports Radio's popular podcast, 'The...

Article: What’s in a Name? Interview with Lethal Hardcore's Stoney Curtis

Published: January 05, 2015

One of the high points of the annual AVN Awards is reading the list of nominees for Clever Title of the Year. And one man keeps turning out...

Article: Get Dizzy with Stoney Curtis’ ‘Spin On My Cock’

Published: August 26, 2010

Lethal Hardcore and Stoney Curtis bring new meaning to the word spinner with the release of Spin On My Cock, a new title that uses a patent-pendi...

Article: Stoney Curtis: Your Mom Tossed My Salad!

Published: March 26, 2009

Porn auteur Stoney Curtis has a confession to make in his latest Lethal Hardcore release.

Article: Max Grand, Curtis Cash Join Forest Men

Published: May 07, 2008

Grand wants to direct; Cash is an 'Oklahoma skater kid.'

Article: Curtis Rolls Out Swallow Every Drop

Published: March 10, 2006

Article: Curtis to Focus on Lethal Hardcore

Published: July 16, 2005

Article: Stoney Curtis Offers Location for Shoots

Published: June 11, 2004

Movies: Private Castings 34


Those following the series or just interested in seeing before and after footage of Euro-porn pretties will eat this tape up. But caution customers that Curtis ain't nowhere to be found.

Sandrine, Timea, Justine (I), Christelle, Maryline, Mariann, Stephany Steel
Production Company:
Private Media Group Inc
Pierre Woodman
Release Date:
August 01, 2002

Photos: Fallon West, Stoney Curtis and Willow Devine

Photographer: Rick Garcia/@IndustryByRick

Published: February 24, 2016

Photos: Stoney Curtis

Photographer: David Yeager

Published: February 21, 2016

Photos: Willow Devine, Stoney Curtis and Fallon West

Photographer: Jeff Koga/@kogafoto

Published: January 24, 2016

Photos: Willow Devine, Stoney Curtis and Fallon West

Photographer: Jeff Koga/@kogafoto

Published: January 24, 2016

Photos: XRCO Hall of Fame inductee Stoney Curtis

Photographer: Chris King/

Published: April 12, 2015

Displaying 1 - 20 of 299