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Company News: Grace Evangeline Does Screaming O Show…Again!

Published: August 16, 2011

Grace Evangeline Does Screaming O Show…Again!

Company News: Grace Evangeline Available in Los Angeles

Published: July 08, 2011

Adult performer Grace Evangeline is coming to Los Angeles July 15-20 and is available for b/g, g/g, solo, toys and more.

Company News: Grace Evangeline Co-Hosts Live Show with Tony Batman

Published: June 22, 2011

Adult performer Grace Evangeline will be co-hosting the Bang Bros and Screaming O Soiree Show this Saturday with Screaming O’s spokesman and...

Company News: Grace Evangeline Available in Los Angeles, Miami

Published: June 06, 2011

Grace Evangeline is headed to South Florida July 5-12 and will be back in Los Angeles July 15-22. She is available in both locations for...

Company News: Grace Evangeline Dancing at Tampa’s Pink Pony

Published: April 29, 2011

Grace Evangeline, the “Southern Charmer of Adult,” is making a rare feature dancing appearance at the world-famous Pink Pony in Tampa this...

Profile: Evangeline

Article: Plans Underway for Tantric Sex GoPro Porno of 'The Hobbit'?

Published: December 19, 2014

Orlando Bloom dangled an a lascivious variation on the Hobbit theme before an intrigued Conan O'Brien last night.

Article: Kama Sutra looks to ancient India for modern ideas.

Published: July 01, 2007

"We started our company over 35 years ago, in the midst of the turbulent 1960s," said Cheryl Flangel, U.S. sales director of The Kama Sutra...


Published: September 21, 1999

Profile: Tanner Mayes

Tanner Mayberry, Evangeline, Tanner Mays
With her petite frame and shy-girl smile, Tanner Mayes radiates innocence. It's hard to believe the Florida native has shot scads of adult...
Found 11 items.