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Company News: YNOT Grand Prix Readies for First Hungarian Race

Published: September 13, 2013

The YNOT Grand Prix, presented by 2000Charge, will roar to life in Hungary for the first time on Sept. 24 as a sanctioned event during The...

Article: Hungarian Right-wing Politician Quits Over Porn Performer Past

Published: September 29, 2011

Zoltan Kabai, the head of a regional chapter of Hungary’s 'right-wing populist' political party, Jobbik, has resigned his position with the...

Article: Hungarian Cop Fired For Starring in Porn

Published: February 28, 2008

News service is reporting that a Hungarian policewoman was recently fired from her job after she was seen in a hardcore adult movie.

Article: Hungarian Adult Entertainment IP TV Network to Launch

Published: December 07, 2006

Hungarians soon will be able to eat their goulash while watching porn via Internet protocol television and cable.

Movies: Hungarian Memories


Customers who like horny handsome Hungarians in a pastoral setting should find this hits the spot.

Zsignond Telepes, Jeno Reszkess, Geza Motoros, Gergely Zongora, Gedeon Bacsika, Attila Kardja, Istvan Csutka, Ivan Turo, Zoltan Ivhegeszto, Elek Benedek, Istvan Bihari
Production Company:
Thunderbird Productions
Leo Raven
Release Date:
September 01, 2002

Movies: Hungarian Rhapsody


The Hungarians in this tape are paragons of European beauty. It is sure to boost the tourist trade to this landlocked home of the Magyars.

Alex Peterson, Andras Borsos, Gabor Szabo, Boris Palko, Zolt Vegvari, Gabor Newman, Tamas NAgy, Zoltan Nemeth, Yuri Chekov, Arpad Balint, Losi Laszlo
Production Company:
YMAC Platinum
Conny Haller
Release Date:
March 01, 1999

Movies: HUNGarians


You cannot go wrong by highly recommending HUNGarians. Merely drawing the Kristen Bjorn comparison is sufficient.

Attila Maygar, Rezso Farkas, Krisztian Paal, Zoltan Korda, Szabolcs Valaczka, Tamas Konya, Ivan Toth, Gabor Szabo, Gyorgy Turani, Tibor Furst, Arpad Czene, Zsolt Kpasz, Layos Bognar, Adam Szendi, Csaba Nagyfosz, Istvan Szombat, Andras Garotni
Production Company:
Sarava Productions
Steve Cadro
Release Date:
January 01, 1999

Profile: Alison (IV) (Hungarian)

Alison Star, Izabella Varga

Profile: Roxy (VI) (Hungarian)

Photo courtesy: Evil Angel/Cruel Media Productions

Profile: Tamara (II) (Hungarian)

Photo courtesy: Evil Angel/Cruel Media Productions

Profile: Misty (III) (Hungarian)

Photo courtesy: Evil Angel/Cruel Media Productions

Profile: Sandy (IV) (Hungarian)

Zsanett Egerhazi, Zsanett, Vega Vixen, Courtney, Sara, Liza, Sandy Fantasy, Sandy E

Profile: Lulu (II) (Hungarian)

Lulu Martinez, Renata Lulu

Profile: Christy (III) (Hungarian)

Judith Kostner, Mina May, Judith Varadt, Christie, Judith Garlan, Judith Haas, Judita, Alexa, Barbara, Christina, Cinzia Rossi, Cinzia Rosireika, Erika, Judet, Judit, Judith Bator, Judith Bodor, Judith Connery, Judith Hass, Judith Keys, Judith Weller, Jud
Photo courtesy: Evil Angel

Profile: Vivien (VI) (Hungarian)

Photo courtesy: Evil Angel/Cruel Media Productions

Profile: Peaches (II) (Hungarian)

Judith, Peaches Johnson, Peach, Monica
Photo courtesy: Evil Angel/Clark Euro Angel Video

Profile: Kyra (IV) (Hungarian)

Photo Courtesy: Evil Angel/Cruel Media Productions

Profile: Lara (VI) (Hungarian)

Photo courtesy: Evil Angel/Rocco Siffredi Productions
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