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Movies: House of Javier


The handsome Javier with his clown tattoo on his right shoulder will make this a good front piece to display in your ethnic section.

Cristian Diaz, Javier (I), Alex Mendez, Greg Sanders, Ricky Parker
Production Company:
Bacchus Releasing
Release Date:
July 01, 2001

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Profile: John Javier

Profile: Javier (I)

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Profile: Diego Javier

Profile: Javier Poggi

Movies: Divine Bitches 15


Veruca James and DJ - As Veruca's financial slave husband, DJ is required to write her out a check for anything her beautiful heart desires. Watch as this beautiful wife spanks his ass, tortures his balls, punches the piss outta him, fucks his pathetic asshole, and rides his face to orgasm-- charging every step of the way. Lorelei Lee and Alexander Gustavo - While Alexander Gustavo was pumping weights at the gym and flexing in the mirror, Lorelei Lee had been planning her revenge and today is the day. She takes him down using a gym rat's WORST nightmare: sweets and smarts. Maitresse Madeline Marlow and Javier Lovetongue - It's very simple, pay up. I'll strip you of your ego, while counting my dollar bills and invade your asshole with my strap-on cock as I count more money. In the end you won't know what happened but don't worry darling you'll be back. Hopefully you'll leave a better man because of it.

Lorelei Lee, Veruca James, Alexander Gustavo, Maitresse Madeline Marlowe, Javier Lovetongue
Production Company:
Release Date:
February 08, 2016
Displaying 1 - 20 of 59