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Movies: Skater Sex 2


SKATER SEX VOLUME 2: DEMPSEY STEARNS & KADE, from Alternadudes, gives you six scenes with six hot dudes ready for action. We've got a threesome, two solos, and three duo action scenes starring Dempsey Stearns, Kade, Luke & Orion Cross, and introducing Taylor Reinheart and Jean Luc. Get it out, get it up, het it hard, and get it off!

Orion Cross, Kade, Luke Cross, Dempsey Stearns, Jean Luc (III), Taylor Reinheart
Production Company:
Edward James, Inc., Alternadudes
Release Date:
December 10, 2009

Profile: Deviant Kade


Profile: Kade

Deviant Kade

Movies: Asses of Face Destruction 9


Fans who get off on watching bitchy, big-butted beauties humiliate submissive guys with verbal abuse and fierce face-sitting, come to attention ... you know who you are. And Roman Video has your dream DVD. Asses of Face Destruction 9 presents five nasty scenarios starring dominant divas who know how to wield their caustic vocabularies and plump, curvy cheeks to subjugate meek mooks. Each scene starts with POV-style footage: A butt-blessed babe makes direct eye contact with the camera to nastily tell you off, then turns her rump to the lens for your genuflection. Following each POV segment, you become a voyeur as these unattainable prima donnas demonstrate their superiority with ass worship sessions for hapless, servile wimps. Kelly Divine was evidently born to sit face. Naked but for gloves, high heels and a black latex skirt stretched to cover her gigantic glutes, she looks spectacular. With words like, “Take a look at my beautiful ass, your new home,” she shows that her shit-talking talent matches her stunning back acres. She idly reads a book while seated on the head of slave Bubba, then ups the authoritative ante. This scene becomes an epic marathon of rim jobs, butt worship and breath control enforced by Kelly’s crop and her deeply cleaved buttocks. Mega-buxom Sophie Dee is a proper British bitch offering up her rosebud for sniffing. She harasses slave Kade verbally and physically, slapping the worm and smothering him with her cheeky rump and her foot, and pleasing her pussy and asshole on his mouth. Brazilian beauty Monica Santhiago’s round bunda looks dramatic set off by her tiny waist, muscular thighs and the tan lines left by a microscopic thong. Speaking Portuguese, she yanks slave Derrick Paul’s head up her ass by a leash. When he’s tied spread and naked on a bed she can pry his nose up her firm crack and jiggle her junk hypnotically. She tickles him, squeezes his nipples and balls, slaps his pecker hard and smothers his face in her tensing cheeks as she masturbates to a gasping orgasm. A naturally curvy bod and delightfully nasty mouth make young, fair-skinned Italian-American Evie Delatosso a face sitting prodigy. In simpering voice she tells “pathetic loser” James he’s “no better than a waste receptacle,” then exercises breath control, grinding her pussy and round rear on his tongue and mouth. “A little girl half your fucking size controlling every fucking move you make and every breath you take,” she taunts, and Sting will wish he’d written it that way. The saucy vixen spews another lyric not found on a Police album: “How’s the smell of my ass on your face?” Dirty blonde Jamie Elle takes a job from James, who cares only to ogle her behind as she bends over a filing cabinet. She turns the tables and blackmails him into a big raise, health benefits, bonuses and paid vacation ... all by the power of ass.

Monica Santhiago, Kade, Sophie Dee, Bubba, Jamie Elle, Kelly Divine, Evie Delatosso, James (VI), Derrick Paul
Production Company:
Roman Video, Buttman Magazine Choice
Release Date:
August 05, 2010

Movies: Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality


Discover the fluidity of sexuality. Part documentary, part pornography, this film from award-winning director Madison Young is more than the sum of its parts. These men are deconstructing words and labels to define sexuality on their own terms. During in depth interviews, Jack Hammer, Deviant Kade, Tommy Midas, Gabriel and Rose discuss their personal journeys into the world of bisexual and queer identities. They fulfill their fantasies on film, creating intimate and intense connections with both men and women. Giving it and getting it the way they want it; these couples and threesomes engage in hot sex with electric chemistry. With its creative and courageous cast, Fluid will stimulate you both sexually and intellectually.

Kade, Amber Rayne, Jack Hammer, Mark Frenchy, Devi Lynne, Constance (II), Rose (VIII), Tommy Midas
Production Company:
Reel Queer Productions
Madison Young
Release Date:
January 28, 2010

Company News: Lea Lexis Shows Off Sexy Gymnast Figure in 'Hard Bodies 2'

Published: December 17, 2013

Multi-talented adult star Lea Lexis closes the year with a sexy new DVD release fans are sure to love. The former nationally ranked gymnast...

Company News: Lea Lexis Reprises Role of Adrianna in 'Do You Know a Vampire?'

Published: November 25, 2013

The XXX bombshell is sure to shock audiences in her newly released scene for Voracious Season Two.

Company News: FameDollars, Evil Angel Release Episode 2 of 'Voracious Two'

Published: November 14, 2013

The episode finds the rebel Vampire, Adrianna, from our over sexed misogynist vampire clan in "Voracious Season One," appearing in the Sodom and...

Article: ‘Rubber Bordello’ Takes New Approach to Fetish Films

Published: February 21, 2012

Soma Snakeoil has known for some time she wanted to make a different type of fetish movie. She just had no idea that she would be hot on the...

Company News: Snakeoil Media To Debut 'Rubber Bordello’ on Friday

Published: February 08, 2012

Snakeoil Media Productions will host the world premiere of Rubber Bordello on Friday at Dungeon Corp., with cast and crew on hand for the screening.

Company News: ‘Babes Ballin’ Boys 17-21: 5 Disc Collectors Set’ Streets Dec. 28

Published: December 27, 2011

25 scenes of strap-on action.

Company News: Julie Simone Streets 'Julie Simone Is a Dominatrix'

Published: August 15, 2011

Although it's not a newsflash about what Julie Simone does, it is the title of her latest femdom movie: Julie Simone Is a Domintrix .

Movies: Cuckold Fantasies 20


3 Sex Scenes! 3 Creampies! 3 Creampie Eating scenes! One Hot Busty Blonde wife! Britney Amber is a gorgeous blonde housewife. Kade is her nerdy geeky husband. He wanted a trophy wife and Britney was a good choice. Problem is, all Kade does is sit on his computer and cellphone all day. Bad idea when you've got a super hot big titted wife like Britney. One day lying by the pool Britney comes to a realization. She needs more than Kade's money. She wants BIG COCK. Looking over at the pool man, she comes up with an idea. She's going to fuck him. And if he's good, she's going to fuck him over and over and over. Britney invites the poolman into the kitchen and things get hot and heavy fast right there on the kitchen counter. As she screams in sheer orgasmic heaven, Kade walks in. He's shocked. His wife is fucking someone else. He wants to run away and not watch but Britney forces him too. He needs a lesson in humility. And he needs to see how Britney likes to get fucked. And that's not all. The poolman cums deep inside her pussy. Kade is horrified, but things get worse. Britney makes Kade eat the cum out of her pussy. She SHOVES HIS FACE INTO HER PUSSY forcing him to eat out the cum. Kade resists but she is demanding and wants him sucking out the cum now! Kade is now a pathetic little cuckold and his humiliation is far from over. Britney makes kade walk around the house wearing pantyhose and a chastity belt. Crushed and in despair, Kade's life is further destroyed when he walks in on Britney and the poolguy fucking again on the sofa. She makes him worship her pussy while she sucks her lover’s cock. Now he is humiliated, feminized, in a chastity belt, and forced to eat cum once more, this time a HUGE LOAD of cum! Some time passes, and Kade thinks its finally his turn to get some. Well... Not exactly... As Britney gets dressed with Kade's assistance, Kade is starting to feel like a man again. They'll go out, have some dinner, and then she'll take off this chastity belt and he'll get in an incredible 30 second sexual olympic session with her. Guess what. Not going to happen. Britney takes charge and her lover walks in and they begin fucking again in front of him and this time Dick pounds into her pussy so hard he blasts his THIRD and final load of cum deep into her pussy. Kade is forced again to suck out this REAL MAN’S cum!

Kade, Dick Chibbles, Britney Amber
Production Company:
Roman Video
Michael Kahn
Release Date:
December 31, 1969

Movies: Femdom Ass Worship 9


Director and derriere enthusiast Glenn King presents another ass-fetish fest worthy of the Buttman Magazine Choice label: FemDom Ass Worship 9. It's a celebration of face-sitting and feminine sexual cruelty by some of the meanest bitches that Glenn's MeanBitch Productions company has ever shot! These big-assed divas love to crush the spirit of pathetic male worms (or in one case, a submissive female) using the hypnotic power of their meaty asses! Every scene begins with a sensuous, POV-style ass tease. After that, the bitch takes control of a weakling until she fulfills her need for dominance. First, dominant star Briana Banks returns to the XXX screen for a special scene. Playing an office cunt, big, busty Briana blackmails coworker Lizz Tayler into some girl-girl rimming of her cushiony butt, foot-level groveling, face-sitting and strap-on punishment. Wait till you see the tattoo Lizz ends up with! Then domineering dungeon queen Kelly Divine, wearing a black vinyl mini-dress, torments slave Eric Jover with financial and physical sadism. She smothers his face with her giant ass and bare feet until he coughs up the cash she demands. Huge-titted blonde Mistress Candy Manson feeds slave Kade ice cubes made of his own frozen cum, then further breaks his will with a program of total submission. And busty blonde Jazy Berlin controls her financial servant through a combination of bare-assed face-grinding and foot worship that ends with the hapless male slave being made to eat his own spunk. These ladies are no ladies! MeanBitch Productions' FemDom Ass Worship 9 is a single-disc DVD with cumshot recap, photo galleries, cast list, filmographies and trailers.

Briana Banks, Kelly Divine, Deviant Kade, Jazy Berlin, Lizz Tayler, Candy Mason, Eric Jover
Production Company:
Buttman Magazine Choice
Glenn King
Release Date:
June 22, 2011

Company News: Amber Rayne Explores New Niches with Debi Diamond Films

Published: November 09, 2010

Debi Diamond, famous for filming her amazingly depraved fantasies, brings you Amber Rayne's Forced Bi-Cuckold with a Tranny through her new...

Company News: 'Babes Ballin’ Boys 20' Marks Resurrection of Pleasure Products Series

Published: August 10, 2010

In August, Pleasure Productions streeted the 20th installment of 'Babes Ballin’ Boys,' marking the series’ resurrection after a three-year hiatus.

Article: Five New Titles Highlight Marina Pacific's Releases

Published: March 24, 2008

"Telescope," "Straight Shooter," "Loosen Up," "Shore Leave" and "Nasty Raw Fuckers" come from four different studios and cover a variety of niches.

Article: GwenMedia Returns to Ivy Manor

Published: September 21, 2007

High-end fetish production house GwenMedia has wrapped the latest installment in its popular Ivy Manor series with the upcoming release of Ivy...

Article: Dick Woody's Specialty Picks From Marina Pacific

Published: September 21, 2007

Dick Woody has spotlighted some of the company's specialty releases, involving bondage, S&M, toys, spanking, wrestling, foot worship,and more.

Article: Lutheran Pastor Leading Lent Sermons on Sex

Published: March 05, 2007

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