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Company News: Pop Your Bubble with Maddy G’s ‘Bubble Gum Fantasies’

Published: July 09, 2010

In Bubble Gum Fantasies Marie Madison is the queen of oral fixation and delivers bubble gum hand jobs, bubblegum blow jobs and solo bubbles,...

Movies: All Girls Taste Different


Internet sensation Marie Madison has always had a knack for finding the most beautiful, sensual and REAL girls and then, well ... blowing their minds! She opens her private collection to present her favorites from the last five years with this collection of scenes never before released on DVD.

Kami Andrews, Marie Madison, Jade Houston, Presley Scott, Kali Lasher, Cat Bole'
Production Company:
Maddy G Productions
Marie Madison
Release Date:
November 20, 2009
Found 2 items.