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Article: Bad Seed Streets Long Dong Black Kong 2

Published: December 10, 2007

Bad Seed has released X-Play's Long Dong Black Kong 2, the follow-up to director Will Ryder's interracial gonzo title.

Article: Locker Slayer: Robert King Provides a Lesson in Determination

Published: July 12, 2012

There is only one reason that the pro-pirate site TorrentFreak dubbed King an "One Man Army" in an article from last week that became a cause cél...

Movies: White King Dong 8


Lets face it, guys, its a known fact that chicks dig a big cock! So the chicks that showed up for this interview got a lot more than they expected, actually, several inches more! Thats because they all got skewered by a pussy pleasing monster known as a huge White Kong Dong!

Angel Long, Nika Noir, Nikki Daniels
Production Company:
White Ghetto Film
Release Date:
December 31, 1969

Article: Mainland Chinese Flock to 3D Porn Film…in Hong Kong

Published: April 06, 2011

The movie does not open until next week, but according to the Guardian mainstream Chinese are already flocking to the more permissive...

Article: Bad Seed Spawns Long Dong Black Kong

Published: July 27, 2007

Adam & Eve's Bad Seed label has teamed with X-Play to create Long Dong Black Kong , a new interracial series conceived as a rival to Hush Hush...

Profile: Kelly Nichols

One of the all-time greats of porn's Golden Age, AVN Hall of Famer Kelly Nichols has won awards for her acting chops as well as her smoldering...

Movies: Tranzilla


General Information Marcinha Prado is the Tranzilla cover-girl. It's easy to see why she was blessed with this distinct honor. Her manly face is only the beginning. Her long hair, big lips and never ending legs let men know they should fully respect her power. Samara is big and blonde, but one wouldn't realize she is an official Tranzilla until she takes her clothes off. Her super-inflated tits and long legs are tell tale signs; but her thick foreskin coated penis is the true giveaway. Avilla Jackson is a large scary tranny with a double pierced tongue, pierced lip and naval piercing too. She is tall, tight and skinny with super long legs and a large meaty surprise, not capable of being hidden and residing behind her panties. Esmeralda Dias is big and beefy. Big body, big face, big tits, big ass and of course a big Tranzilla python residing in her crotch. She likes her meat dark and well done and sucks away at the large dark salami we feed her. He spits in her anus and jams a couple of fingers inside, readying it for his black bologna. Tranzilla is cock starved and anally hungry too as these two go at it like King Kong vs. Tranzilla. Tranzilla grunts and groans and lets out a mighty roar, as she spills big on her 6 pack abs and King Kong battles back with a big blast buried in the middle of her chest.. Vannessa is as ugly as trannies come, but one can understand that even a real Tranzilla needs a little love too. She meets up with a dude at the video shop and takes him home; smothering him with her kisses and poking him with her red headed, long shaft as well. Her nightmare of a boob job and fleshy raw penis tip are proof that Tranzilla is all about destroying men's asses. Her shaft may be shredded, but it still works well; excavating man ass and ripping butt cheeks as she goes. Tranzilla needs a little love too and gets herself a chubby one buried between her big butt cheeks. She chokes her chicken and twists off a large milky batch from her battered tip, before her man friend blows his soothing lotion right on top of hers. Yasmin Duran is dark and very dangerous; especially when she is placed anywhere in the vicinity of a white man's arse. She strips and preps her big black ding dong for some skinny white butt cheeks and man mouth. Yasmin has a lot to give and she doesn't hold back ramming his mouth deeper and deeper down her 10 inch chocolate banana.

Others, Marcinha Prado (TS), Avilla Jackson (TS), Yasmin Duran (TS), Samara (TS)
Production Company:
Third World Media
Ed Hunter
Release Date:
November 15, 2010

Article: Classic XXX Star Kelly Nichols Returns in 'Seasoned Players 8'

Published: February 05, 2009

AVN Hall of Famer Kelly Nichols performs her first scene in 25 years for Tom Byron's 'Seasoned Players 8'.

Article: Hacker Unlocks HD DVD/Blu-Ray Copy Protection

Published: February 14, 2007

Article: Jungle Bash II Swings Into Action at Internext

Published: December 22, 2005

Sex Toys: Tera’s Big One

Production Company:
CalExotics (formerly California Exotic Novelties), Virtual Sex Toys
Publish Date:
September 01, 2005

Sex Toys: Tera's Big One

Production Company:
CalExotics (formerly California Exotic Novelties), Virtual Sex Toys
Publish Date:
September 01, 2004

Article: My Mid Life Crisis

Published: March 01, 2000

Article: Valentine's Day Confidential: Advice from Some Real Experts

Published: February 13, 2015

Performers, sex educators, porn directors—for them, sexual activity is all in a day's work. So we asked them this question: How do you maintain...

Article: XO Ball & Expo SF Names AVN Official 2012 Media Partner

Published: May 21, 2012

Coming to San Francisco September 21-22, 2012, XO Ball & Expo is the largest lifestyle event in the country, targeting all sexually curious adults.

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