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Movies: Gimme All The Cum You've Got (SWANK)


Point And Shoot! It comes a time when the routine of marital life has shut the door on sexual bliss. Frustrated restless wives feel the urge for a new cock and want to explore naughty ways to calm down a pulsing pussy. Kleopatra is suddenly reborn to the excitement of full facial cum shots and deep anal penetration. Emmanuelle has found an exotic boyfriend empowered with the rock hard tool she has been missing for a long time. They have two close girlfriends to share their dirty little secret Trinity and Billy who cheat all the time on their hubby and know the ropes of the trade. Almost daily they're getting delivery of a fresh man's sausage crammed into their tight pink swollen parts. Watch these four still gorgeous MILFS begging their new soul mates to give them all the cum they've got!

Emanuelle (I), Kleopatra (I) (Czech), Billy (I), Trinity (II) (Hungarian)
Production Company:
Release Date:
January 25, 2016
Found 3 items.