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Profile: Medison

Madison Parker, Barbara Bonita

Company News: Swank Digital Streets 'I’m a Sex Crazy Teen 9' August 7

Published: August 06, 2014

These young girlies suck dick and get off hard with that telltale youthful glow.

Movies: Married But Horny 10


You know what, I have a problem with hubby. I also have a problem with my lover. What's the problem with men, nowadays? I want a hard stiff dick when I get laid. And I can't get what I want. I have just been married a few years, and I started cheating right away. When I get fucked their dick is not what I expect. I want some rockiness, I want it hard! When I fuck my partners, riding them reverse cowgirl style, I have to pleasure myself sucking on my titties or stimulating my clit. T hat's not right for a sexy pretty girl like me. Tell me what I should do, because I'm sick of not getting the big O I deserve. I'm a total wreck, getting more and more horny every single day of my life!

Valentina (I), Daisy (I), Sabina (I), Medison
Production Company:
Release Date:
December 10, 2015

Profile: Madison (VI) (Hungarian)

Madison Parker, Medison, Barbara Bonita, Zsannett
Found 4 items.