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Movies: Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation


The G-spot most certainly does exist and this movie will hep you find it! Dr. Carol Queen conducts a guided tour of G-spot stimulation in a warm, accessible manner. Featuring show-and-tell sex professionals and real-life couples, plus a lively radio call-in show with real people asking real questions, Gush gives you the tools to enjoy your own hunt for this pleasurable erotic area. Dr. Queen provides expert information about anatomy, arousal and techniques, demystifying the G-spot and female ejaculation!

Jiz Lee, Gloria (I), Syd Blakovich, Sophia St. James, Mickey Mod, Dylan Ryan, Mirabelle Hayes, Altair Shadow, Maxwell Silver
Production Company:
Good Releasing
Shar Rednour, Coyote Days, Jackie Stour
Release Date:
March 30, 2011
Found 1 items.