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Movies: Natacha


Fans of Eurogirls may like this.

Production Company:
Titof, Kevin Long, Lea De Mae, Lara Stevens, Monica Sweetheart, Vanessa, Titus Steel, Marc Dorcel, Rodolphe Antrim, Tiffany Diamond
Release Date:
September 01, 2005

Profile: Natacha (I)

Profile: Natacha Rusti

Movies: Forbidden Thai Sticks


Thai sticks are a form of cannabis from Thailand that consist of premium buds of seedless marijuana which are skewered on stems. The Thai-stick formulation exhibits higher potency in comparison with other marijuana available, and it is rumored that this added potency is due to the Thai sticks being dipped in opium. While we can not confirm that fact; we can definitely attest to the fact that the modern day Forbidden Thai Stick gets it power from the many miles of foreign man ass and mouth that they have plowed their way through. Here you will find the cutest Ladyboys packing the Hardest, Sweetest and most Potent Thai sticks you can imagine..... "Smoke em if She is got one!!!!"

Others, May (IV) (Trans) (Thai), Natacha (II) (Trans) (Thai), Tumcha, Mikki (II) (Trans) (Thai)
Production Company:
Asian Eyes
Darren Morgan
Release Date:
January 04, 2010
Found 6 items.