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Photos: Pixie Pearl

Photographer: Vivid Alt

Published: December 01, 2009

Photos: Pixie Pearl

Photographer: Vivid Alt

Published: December 01, 2009

Photos: Pixie Pearl

Photographer: Vivid Alt

Published: December 01, 2009

Profile: Pixie Pearl

Article: Vivid-Alt Unveils Art School Girls Are Easy

Published: October 05, 2009

Vivid-Alt is set to unveil the latest title from director Eon McKai, Art School Girls Are Easy, which will be released in stores nationwide on...

Company News: BurningAngel and Vouyer Media Team Up for All-Girl Manifesto 'Riot Grrrls'

Published: May 28, 2009

Lesbians of The World Unite! With these revolutionary words, 2009 AVN Award Nominee Joanna Angel is ushering in the era of the Riot Grrrls!

Article: Vouyer Media Presents Joanna Angel's 'Friends Don't Let Friends Fuck Alone'

Published: December 19, 2008

Joanna and friends experiment with group sex in the latest ultra-raunchy release from Vouyer Media.

Article: Vouyer Media Presents Joanna Angel's 'POV Punx'

Published: June 18, 2008

Joanna Angel: 'It's just me and my slutty punk rock girls being ourselves!'

Article: Book Showcases Girls of Burning Angel

Published: May 29, 2008

All of the book’s photos were shot by Angel’s favorite staff photographer, The Lovely Brenda, on rooftops in Brooklyn and in art studios,...

Article: The Doll Underground Stages Uprising Wednesday

Published: April 08, 2008

Vivid-Alt ringleader Eon McKai hosts an evening of rebellious tumult this Wednesday hailing the release of his new movie, The Doll Underground .

Movies: The Doll Underground


Easily Eon McKai's most anticipated release, The Doll Underground, first surfaced virally, via anonymous video clips planted throughout the blogosphere. Their message was simple: a call for young women to rise up from their homogenized suburban environments and unite against the tyranny of big business. Inspired by the late 60's activist-turned-militant lefist collective, The Weathermen, The Doll Underground are here to wake up our day-dreaming nation from the financial dictatorship that continues to crush it. Lead by Dorn Adorn (Pixie Pearl), these sexually-charged revolutionaries take refuge in L.A.'s now entombed Belmont Tunnel. Outfitted in Lolita Gothic uniforms and strapped with home-made explosives, the dolls plot to take down the owners by any means necessary. Sexually explosive and socially consious, The Doll Underground sets a shining example that director Eon McKai has defined the Zeitgeist of [3 disc]

Reagan Maddux, Pixie Pearl, Lexi Belle, Daniel (I), Alex Gonz, Herschel Savage, James Deen, Presley Maddox
Production Company:
Vivid Alt
Eon McKai
Release Date:
March 27, 2008

Article: Vivid-Alt Unveils The Doll Undeground

Published: March 17, 2008

Vivid-Alt has unveiled The Doll Undeground amidst online buzz.

Article: Joanna Angel Movie Kicks Off Adam & Eve’s IAC Brand

Published: January 30, 2008

Joanna Angel and Peter Reynolds talk about Not Another Porn Movie , the premier release from Adam & Eve’s new Independent Adult Cinema (IAC) imprint.

Article: Burning Angel, Independent Adult Cinema Release Not Another Porn Movie

Published: January 25, 2008

Burning Angel Entertainment and Adam & Eve's Independent Adult Cinema label will release Not Another Porn Movie on Monday, Jan. 29.

Article: Vivid-Alt To Host Triple Ecstacy Halloween Release Party in L.A.

Published: October 25, 2007

Vivid-Alt, the alternative arm of Vivid Entertainment Group, will celebrate the release of starlet Kimberly Kane’s latest directorial effort...

Article: Vivid Streets Eon McKai's Debbie Loves Dallas

Published: September 18, 2007

Debbie Loves Dallas, an “alt-porn” version of the adult classic Debbie Does Dallas from Vivid-Alt director Eon McKai, is in stores Wednesday.

Article: Eon McKai Talks Debbie Loves Dallas Soundtrack

Published: September 08, 2007

Vivid Alt head Eon McKai’s upcoming feature Debbie Loves Dallas is as much about music as it is about sex. As with his previous movies, McKai...

Article: Vivid Alt Rolls Out Trailer for McKai’s Debbie Loves Dallas

Published: August 05, 2007

Vivid Alt, the alternative branch of Vivid Entertainment Group, has released the trailer for director Eon McKai's upcoming Debbie Loves Dallas...

Article: Vivid Alt Does Hollywood

Published: January 05, 2007

Article: VCA to Release Joanna Angel’s Porny Monster

Published: January 01, 2007

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