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Article: Reuters: Mobile Is ‘Next Frontier for Erotica’

Published: January 31, 2008

In an article that calls tiny mobile phone screens “the next frontier for erotica,” Reuters stated that if the adult industry has its way,...

Article: Reuters Covers AVN Awards

Published: January 09, 2006

Profile: Serenity

Webster defines serenity as "a state that is calm, quiet, peaceful and placid." This Serenity, however, has an entirely different connotation!...

Article: AHF Files Final Draft of Its Condom Ballot Measure-UPDATED

Published: February 21, 2015

The filing marks the beginning of a month-long comment period, at the end of which AHF's team of professional signature gatherers will need to...

Article: AHF Blamed for 'Skyrocketing' LA County Health Dept. Legal Costs

Published: February 18, 2015

Supervisor Don Knabe, responding to a yearly increase in DPH litigation costs of more than 40 percent. asked the lawyers, “Why would their legal...

Article: Chinese Government Tallies Anti-Porn 'Achievements' for 2014

Published: December 26, 2014

The government claims to have "confiscated a total of 15.79 million illegal publications."

Article: China Levies Fines for Spreading Digital Porn, Gambling, Violence

Published: December 02, 2014

The Chinese government has announced that it will levy fines on 11 companies accused of violating "accepted moral values."

Company News: Natasha Starr, Layton Benton Celebrate Birthdays at Playhouse Friday

Published: October 08, 2014

Pussy Juice Lube contract girls party with fans and friends in Hollywood this Friday night.

Article: Small-Brained Men Need Lots of Porn ... Maybe

Published: June 02, 2014

We're not so big-headed as to think we know it all, but for all we know it could be the other way around, and the fact that we don't know it all...

Article: Peeping Tom Malware Scam Results in Global Arrests

Published: May 23, 2014

There's all sorts of malware, but perhaps the creepiest is the kind that gives Peeping Toms the ability to secretly spy on people via the...

Article: Turkey Turns Its Blocking Eyes to YouTube

Published: March 27, 2014

Social media tends to send a very clear message to nations that still think they can successfully keep their citizens muzzled: "We can do this...

Article: 'Unprecedented' Number of Stolen Credentials For Sale Online

Published: February 26, 2014

The fallout from the increase in data breaches could be felt for some time to come as reports come in about the sheer volume of stolen...

Article: Bitcoin's Bumpy Week

Published: February 25, 2014

Talking head after talking head nonetheless has gone on record insisting that despite the apparent loss of funds by Mt. Gox account holders and...

Article: India Supremes Decline to Review Colonial-Era Ban on Sodomy

Published: January 28, 2014

A two-judge panel of the Indian Supreme Court has issued an order declining to review its December ruling reinstating a law from the colonial...

Article: Goodbye, Yellow Silk Road

Published: October 02, 2013

In operation since 2011, the infamous online illegal drug emporium and hit man classifieds was finally taken down this week by the feds, who...

Article: FriendFinder Networks Files for Chapter 11

Published: September 17, 2013

The filing comes after a meeting of the FFN board of directors on Monday, at which time a resolution was adopted to retain the law firm...

Article: AHF Files Complaint Against San Diego Boy Prods.—UPDATED

Published: September 04, 2013

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has targeted gay porn producers San Diego Boy Productions in its latest work safety complaint. AHF's alleges...

Article: UK Online Gaming Firm Wants an Atlantic City Hotel/Casino

Published: July 29, 2013

The United Kingdom is in conniptions over online porn, but an online gaming company sees no downside to expanding its operations across the Pond...

Article: Manwin to Paper: Move to Ireland Part of 'Global Expansion’

Published: May 26, 2013

An article by Tom Lyons published in the Sunday Independent addresses one of the country’s newest corporate citizens, Manwin, which “has already...

Displaying 1 - 20 of 387