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Profile: Shawnee

Profile: Shawnee Cates

Profile: Shawnee Gates

Movies: Shawnee 2


Production Company:
Sinn Fein Productions
Release Date:
October 01, 1997

Movies: Shawnee


Production Company:
Sinn Fein Productions
Release Date:
August 01, 1997

Article: UPDATED: Topeka to Battered Spouses: Tough Luck!

Published: October 12, 2011

Now comes the news that the Topeka City Council is considering deep-sixing the part of the city's criminal code that bans "domestic battery."...

Article: Topeka XXX Stores Under Attack

Published: August 27, 2007

Four adult retailers in Topeka must submit to a grand jury probe as a result of anti-porn zealot Philip Cosby's campaign to rid Kansas of...

Article: Kansas Adult Stores Face Obscenity Charges

Published: August 10, 2006

Article: Mercenary Pictures' XXX:Volume 3 Streets Today

Published: May 20, 2004

Article: Pussyman Prepares to Roll Out New Titles

Published: January 06, 2004

Article: Could Net Filters Out-Cost Lost Fed Funds?

Published: July 15, 2003

Found 13 items.