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Article: YouTube Hit by 'Porn Day' Vid Barrage

Published: May 21, 2009

Two mainstream websites "celebrated" so-called "Porn Day" Wednesday by hitting YouTube with a barrage of porn clips. But its the adult industry...

Article: Penny Flame Holds Open Casting Call for 'Rough Sex' Vid

Published: May 27, 2008

Penny Flame is looking for performers to appear in her upcoming Vivid-Ed movie.

Movies: Black Tuesday


Appearances can be deceiving, so don\'t limit this vid to your all-ethnic section when you could be exploiting the interracial content as well.

Michelle Lanier, Brasilya, Sky Azul, Kenya, Kyle Stone (straight), Dino Bravo, Nichelle, Guy DiSilva, Claudio (I), Sky Sahary
Production Company:
Odyssey Video Group
Morgan Load
Release Date:
September 01, 2002


Published: August 19, 1999

Article: Shine Louise Houston Releases 1st Volume of 'Heavenly Spire'

Published: January 06, 2015

Pink & White Productions announces the release of Shine Louise Houston's Heavenly Spire , available as video-on-demand on, and soon...

Article: Hot Vidéo Magazine Parts Ways with Editor Paul Jerome * UPDATE *

Published: June 08, 2011

Hot Vidéo, the venerable French adult magazine, has announced that it has ended its relationship with its longtime editor, Paul Jerome. The...

Movies: Bordello


After servicing and satisfying Madame April Flores with his perfect cock, Billy Castro’s drop-dead gorgeous body is found lifeless on the brothel floor. Who committed this crime of passion, and just how was the deadly deed done? Was he strangled with the rope that Tina Horn and Jolene discover on the staircase? Was he shot with the smokin’ hot gun that Carson and James Darling find in the garage? The sex-hungry cast diverts from the case to indulge in suspected murder weapons as sex toys. The homicide may be a mystery, but there are no kinky secrets or forbidden fuck fantasies that go unexplored in this plot-heavy porno. Whodunit? They all “do it!” Full of witty one-liners, this carnal yet campy feature from award-winning director Courtney Trouble, with guest videographer and Alt Porn Guru Eon Mckai, is destined to be a cult classic.

April Flores, Tina Horn, Carson (V), Akira (IV), James Darling, Billy Castro, Jolene Parton, Sarah Lee Sinful, Vid Tuesday, Sophia St. James
Production Company:
Reel Queer Productions
Courtney Trouble
Release Date:
January 28, 2010

Article: Tries to Bait & Tackle Levi's Johnson

Published: August 19, 2009

Levi Johnston opened Pandora's Box when he answered yes on Larry King Live to the question whether he would consider posing nude.

Article: Hot Video Announces Hot d'Or Awards Nominees, Venue

Published: August 11, 2009

Hot Video magazine has announced nominees in 29 categories as well as the location for the Hot d’Or Awards Show on Oct. 20 in Paris.

Article: Comparables, Community Standards Spotlighted In Day 4 Of Five Star Trial

Published: October 24, 2007

Mark Kernes continues his exclusive report from the Five Star Video obscenity trial in Phoenix.

Article: Rumors of AdultDex Defections Overblown

Published: November 19, 1999

Article: Contract, Contract, Who's Got the Contract?

Published: September 24, 1999

Article: Janine and Ren Savant Appear on Howard Stern

Published: September 09, 1999

Article: From Russia With Raspberries

Published: August 30, 1999

Article: Mark Gallagher Talks About XON; Oil It Ain't

Published: August 19, 1999

Article: The ongoing adventures of The Peeping Tom Reverend

Published: June 24, 1999

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