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Article: Get It Straight: Measure B & AB 332 Are NOT Just About Condoms

Published: April 09, 2013

What appears below is in large part an article I wrote back in October of last year regarding the fact that Measure B mandates not just that...

Article: Editorial: Self-Righteous, 'Sex-Positive' Violet Blue Can't Get Her Facts Straight

Published: February 12, 2009

San Francisco sex columnist Violet Blue isn't much of a researcher.

Article: Getting It Straight

Published: August 29, 2008

Are those straight guys who are popping up all over gay porn lately really straight? Does anybody really care?

Article: Straight Guys, Europeans Top Marina Pacific's New Releases

Published: April 01, 2008

Straight guys and Europeans fascinate the market, and Jet Set Men, French Touch, Euroboy Sport, Breed Me Media and Grapik Art Production are...



Body Shoppe fans will enjoy four straight-dude scenes, including some sucking and one fuck.

Speedy (Jason Crew), Jade (I), Ra, Bailey (II), Tony (II), Rocko (II), Billy (III), Kyle (II), Ron (II)
Production Company:
The Body Shoppe
Don Ross
Release Date:
April 01, 2005

Article: Big Brother 4: BB4 Net Feed Showed Live Sex Act

Published: July 17, 2003

Article: Internet Profile |

Published: July 02, 2008

The studio enters the straight amateur space with a brand new website.

Article: Company Profile: D&E Productions

Published: December 16, 2005

Article: the Latest For Hot Gay Video Chat

Published: September 30, 2005

Article: Ex-Porn Star Harry Reems Opens Up in Exclusive Interview

Published: February 10, 2005

Article: On Set for Girlfriends Films' 500th Movie: 'Wet for Women'

Published: January 12, 2015

One of the things fans of Girlfriends Films probably don’t know is the attention to detail that plays such a big role in their productions. For...

Article: Anti-Porner Donny Pauling Arrested for Sex With Minor

Published: December 02, 2014

Anti-porn activists likely never expected that one of their own would himself become an alleged danger to the public, incarcerated on charges...

Article: Party On: Grand Slam Media Scores with House of Slam

Published: December 01, 2014

Online industry conferences always provide parties and entertainment in one form or another, but few events have been as enjoyable as the House...

Article: Pornhub's Sunset Strip Billboard Sends a Message

Published: November 11, 2014

The billboard was quietly painted over this weekend, but for the two weeks it was up it apparently got the attention it was seeking.

Article: Sophia Loren Spills the Nipples.... er, Beans about Famous Pic

Published: November 05, 2014

Sophia Loren finally explains the infamous photo showing the Italian movie star give Jayne Mansfield's incredible breasts perhaps the most...

Company News: Icon Male Streets Controversial 'His Daughter's Boyfriend'

Published: November 05, 2014

Gay romance studio Icon Male’s new feature stars Nick Capra as a father in turmoil.

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